• View from Pisco summit
  • Monthly filter samples from near Huaraz, Peru

Professional overview

As a scientist, I currently wear a number of different hats. My base of operations is the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. In 2018 I celebrated my 15th year as an employee of NCAR. My research at NCAR is fundamental research on the properties of ice clouds. I work with a number of datasets from NASA satellite radar datasets to datasets collected by instruments on scientific research aircraft projects. Recently, I have also begun work to bridge the gap between observations and forecasting models, again with my work focusing on ice cloud properties.

I am also Research Faculty at Western Washington University as part of the Mountain Environment Research Institute. This is an extension of my work with the American Climber Science Program, an NGO that I helped to found. At WWU-MERI / ACSP, my research focuses on the effects of air pollution on snow and ice. Specifically, light absorbing particles that land on the surfaces of snow can lead to increased melting, thus affecting water supply. I am also developing further collaborative research partners to study air pollution. Study sites include Cusco, Peru, and Fairbanks, Alaska.

Finally, I am owner of a small business, Natural Systems Research LLC. I use Natural Systems Research LLC as a business through which I sell scientific research instruments. Currently, I sell the LAHM instrument and I am developing additional instruments and instrument systems. My overall goal is to provide high quality low cost instrumentation to a sector of the scientific research population that may not otherwise be able to afford quality research equipment.